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Two-Hole Canine Fleshlight: Additional Customization

Over the past 8 weeks the Dark Fantasies team have been working hard to recruit new members. develop our product portfolio and further develop our existing toys based on your feedback! We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer even greater customization when it comes to our two-hole canine masturbator! What was once a single colour toy, can now be fully customized to your exact requirements. Our new model allows you to customize: vulva colour, anus colour and internal walls. We have included images below to better highlight each section which can now be customized. Please use this as a reference when selecting from the drop down menu on our product listings for the canine fleshlight. Vulva Highlight

Anus Highlight

Internal Highlight (Partial)

Internal Highlight (Full)

If you have any questions or concerns about the additional customization features of our canine sex toy please reach out to us by visiting our 'Contact Us' page (found in the footer of our site).

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