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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the toys made from?
    At Dark Fantasies we use 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone (00-10, 00-20 & 00-50), from Smooth-On. This ensures our fantasy sex toys are hypoallergenic and have exceptional durability. All products contain cosmetic mica pigments which are mixed and encapsulated within the silicone toy. This ensures that the pigment never come in direct contact with the body. We never use glitter in our products. Glitter is not body-safe and the sharp edges have potential to cut through the silicone and migrate out of the product. Any shimmer/sparkle effects in our products are created by the cosmetic mica pigments which are body-safe.
  • Are your products body-safe?
    Yes - all of our products are created using Smooth-On. Smooth-On products are independently certified skin safe. Please see their website for more detail in required.
  • Is packaging discreet?
    Yes - packaging is 100% unbranded and discreet. We understand that privacy is essential when it comes to ordering such intimate products so we have taken all the steps necessary to ensure no one, apart from yourself, knows the contents of the box. All products are shipped in a plain brown box with no logo/name/website/social branding. The box will contain your toy wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure the toy arrives safety but also to ensure no one can shake it around/poke holes in the box to try and work out what is inside. For international orders, outside of the United Kingdom, we are required to disclose the contents of the box as part of the customs declaration. We simply describe the contents as 'silicone sculpture' which is displayed in small print. This will only be reviewed at the border for customs purposes. If the company name is to be displayed it will be shown as 'DF'. The full brand name will never be displayed.
  • How long does it take to make my order?
    Once you have placed an order we aim to create and dispatch your toy within 1-3 weeks. Variables that can affect this include: delivery of silicone to our studio address, delivery of mica pigments to our studio address and requesting additional customization notes from yourself via email if they weren't clear when you initially placed the order. Whilst we do keep a stock of mica and silicone in-house at all times, we do sometimes have to await delivery of additional materials before we can create your custom fantasy sex toy. This is based on how many orders were placed in a single day/week. To better understand our work flow - we place weekly orders for mica and silicone (every Thursday at 13:00 GMT). This order will consider every purchase made up until this date and time. If you place an order after this date and time your toy will be created within the following week. This is not always the case as we may still have enough silicone/pigment in-house to create your toy within the same production session. Silicone and pigment is fast tracked and delivered within 24 hours which then allows us to immediately make a start on creating your toys. The production timeline does not include a delivery timeline from the postal service/courier. We do not offer an option to expedite the production process. All orders will be made in queue based on order date. There is no additional payment that can be made to speed up production. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our production process please get in touch using the contact us page.
  • How long does it take to ship my order?
    Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee a shipping time as so many variables could effect the estimate. As it stands all domestic purchases are estimated to be delivered within 3-4 working days and international orders are delivered within 5-7 working days. It is not uncommon to receive your order before these estimates. Tracking information is provided on every order so you will receive daily updates on your toys current location to keep better track of when it should arrive. If you are interested in upgrading your shipping, please let us know before placing an order so that we can calculate a shipping upgrade for yourself. We are completely transparent when it comes to shipping costs so we will show you the breakdown of expenses.
  • What if my toy gets stopped at the border? Do I have to pay additional fees?
    No - you are not responsible for paying any additional fees at the border. The price you pay on our website is the final cost to you. In the rare case that additional fees are due, you will be expected to pay these in order to release the toy from customs but we will happily reimburse you the cost once the toy has been delivered. If we are able to make the payment on your behalf we will do this without your involvement but a lot of countries make the receiver of the item pay the fee directly rather than allowing us to do this on your behalf.
  • What lubricant do you recommend using with your toys?
    We find that our toys perform best with water-based lubricants only. Silicone-based lubricants will degrade the material overtime and reduce the longevity of your toy and potentially make it a health risk.
  • Item usage
    Dark Fantasies are not responsible for any injury or harm that may be caused by these novelty items, nor can we suggest how they are used once purchased, nor do we offer medical advice. Please use your best judgment and follow safety precautions. Please ensure you review the toy before using. Refrain from using the toy if you suspect or spot any potential signs of damage that could pose as a danger and risk of injury. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the toy is safe for use in a manner that you wish to use it.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes - all of our products are shipped internationally from the United Kingdom. We offer free shipping on all orders above 129.99 GBP. This applies to domestic orders. International orders are charged 19.99 GBP fixed cost no matter where in the world you are ordering from.
  • What shipping couriers do you use?
    We currently use UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL and Evri. If you have a specific request please let us know in the notes at checkout. All orders are sent fully tracked (domestic and international).
  • How custom can I make my custom order?
    Customization is currently limited to external body colour, internal body colour, internal cavity (size), fur type/colour and hair colour. We are unable to make any modifications to our custom moulds .e.g. we cannot remove the tail component from our mare model, we cannot add a tail to the canine model .etc. If you are looking for something a little more custom and bespoke, we do offer design services in-house. For more information on this you can either check out our other FAQ option in relation to this or reach out to us using the contact us page.
  • Do you take custom design requests?
    Yes - our aim is to fulfil your darkest fantasies and one way we can offer this is with our in-house design team. We are currently working on a range of additional products for our wider audience but we do also collaborate with artists who want to bring their vision to life. If we have capacity, our design services start at 199.99 GBP which is subject to change based on your specific requirements. Additional fees will be required in order to create the appropriate moulds for your custom model and we will then be able to calculate the silicone/pigment/shipping cost that follow suit from this. At Dark Fantasies we are also a big believer in sharing so we offer the following when it comes to custom toys: 1.) The toy is created as a one-off for yourself only. You're also more than welcome to purchase the moulds used to create your toy if you are interested in making more for yourself in the future. 2.) We list your custom mould as one of our product range toys. Any sales from this toy will result in you receiving a percentage from our profit margin. Percentage cut can be agreed based on production time, silicone cost, pigment cost and shipping cost. Profit margin breakdowns will be completely transparent to ensure you receive the correct percentage you are entitled to based on your artist vision when helping to create the model. You can of course change your mind at any time should you wish to add or remove your custom model to our wider product range. Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns around the process mention above.
  • Do you offer refunds, cancellations and returns?
    Please see our terms and conditions for more information regarding refunds and returns. In regards to cancellations, you must request this within the first 24 hours of purchasing your toy. We hold off from production up until this point but as soon as a we have started the process of creating your custom fantasy toy we are no longer able to cancel your purchase. All sales are final after this 24 hour period. To avoid any conflict, please ensure that you are 100% committed to purchasing a toy from us before placing the order. Once we cancel an order we will give you an estimate return on the funds back to your original payment method. Typically, for most banks, this is within 3-5 working days. We'll let you know if they suggest any shorter/longer periods once we cancel the order.
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