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How to clean, prepare and groom your fantasy horse fleshlight

Whether you are thinking of getting your hands on one of our mare masturbators or you are already in posession of one - we will discuss everything you need to know about the toy in order to take good care of it and use it effectively. How to clean your horse masturbator? Once your custom horse fleshlight arrives you should remove all exterior packaging and unwrap her tail. Before you start using your new horse masturbator, we recommend you bathe the fleshlight in hot soapy water to remove any bacteria. You are able to fully submerge the toy under water and gentle wash using your hands. Whilst boiling water can be used to wash the silicone, we do not recommend this as it may damage the tail hair. Please stick to hot soapy water to preserve the toy as long as possible, never pour boiling water onto the tail component. Once your toy has been washed you may dry the exterior with a towel - gently pat the toy dry and rub the tail to do this. Please avoid tumble drying or using a high heat hair dryer to dry the tail. Allow the toy to air dry completely before using or storing away. How to prepare your horse fleshlight for use?

Once your horse masturbator has finished drying - it is time to start preparing the toy for use! We strongly recommend using a quality water-based lubricant before using the masturbator. Please avoid using silicone-based lubricants as over time this can damage the toy and lead to early wear and tear. Start by applying lubricant using your fingers to the vulva, anus and internal canals. For the best sensation, it is essential that you prepare your mare masturbator with lube prior to entering the toy to ensure you can slide in successfully without any dryness. Once the toy has been prepped, it is recommended that you prepare yourself before entering the toy as well to limit the amount of friction between yourself and the toy. Please avoid using the toy without any lubricant as this friction may damage the toy as well as be painful for yourself. Once you have finished using the toy, please follow the cleaning steps mentioned above and allow the toy to dry before storing away. All of our fantasy masturbators are open ended to ensure the toy can be cleaned throughout the internal canals and allow for air flow. Avoid storing your toy away when it is still damp as this could lead to mould and/or a bad smell developing with the silicone. How to groom your horse stroker? Our horse fleshlight comes with a synthetic hair tail for extra realism to add to your darkest mare fantasy. We encapsulate the hair within the toy during the curing process which allows both the toy and the hair to fuse together as one. Whilst it might be tempting to be rough with the toy, we do advise limiting force to the tail component as damage could be caused to the silicone and potentially affect the rest of the toy. We understand that everyone's strength's may vary so please be cautious when pulling and yanking on the tail as we cannot advise a recommended tension that each toy might be able to handle. For reference on how secure the tail component is, you are able to hold the toy by the tail only, dangle from a height and gentle swing back and fourth. This is the test we conduct before packaging your toy to ensure the tail has successfully cured to the rest of the toy. If you have any questions or concerns about the tail component prior to purchase please let us know so that we can provide video examples of this being done. It is advised that you regularly brush your mare masturbators tail before and after use to avoid any knots forming. Please ensure you follow the steps below before trying to brush your mare masturbators tail: 1.) Firmly grasp around the base of the tail and have grip of roughly 2-3 inches of tail before brushing. It is essential you maintain a tight grip around the base of the tail component to reduce the amount of tension caused when brushing the rest of the tail. Failure to do this might result in the tail becoming damaged due to the tension caused by the brushing and the hair may get damaged and separated from the silicone toy. 2.) Start by gently combing downwards until the brush can glide through the hair without any tension being felt. You should repeat this throughout the entire tail on all sides until the hair is free and wavey. 3.) Once you have finished using your mare fleshlight, washed appropriately and allowed the toy to dry - we recommend repeating steps 1 and 2 before storing away for future use.

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