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How to clean and prepare your fantasy canine fleshlight

Whether you are thinking of getting your hands on one of our canine masturbators or you are already in posession of one - we will discuss everything you need to know about the toy in order to take good care of it and use it effectively. How to clean your canine masturbator? Once your custom canine fleshlight arrives you should remove all exterior packaging and bathe the fleshlight in hot soapy water to remove any bacteria and excess fur (if your purchase comes with one of our faux-fur sleeves). You are able to fully submerge the toy under water and gentle wash using your hands. Whilst boiling water can be used to wash the silicone, we do not recommend this as you may burn yourself. Please stick to hot soapy water to preserve the toy as long as possible, never pour boiling water onto the fur component. Once your toy has been washed you may dry the exterior with a towel - gently pat the toy dry and allow the faux fur sleeve to air dry. Please avoid tumble drying or using a high heat hair dryer to dry the fur. Best results are achieved by naturally drying or placing fabric side down on a low heat radiator. Allow the toy to air dry completely before using or storing away. How to prepare your canine fleshlight for use?

Once your horse masturbator has finished drying - it is time to start preparing the toy for use! We strongly recommend using a quality water-based lubricant before using the masturbator. Please avoid using silicone-based lubricants as over time this can damage the toy and lead to early wear and tear. Start by applying lubricant using your fingers to the vulva, anus and internal canals. For the best sensation, it is essential that you prepare your mare masturbator with lube prior to entering the toy to ensure you can slide in successfully without any dryness. Once the toy has been prepped, it is recommended that you prepare yourself before entering the toy as well to limit the amount of friction between yourself and the toy. Please avoid using the toy without any lubricant as this friction may damage the toy as well as be painful for yourself. Once you have finished using the toy, please follow the cleaning steps mentioned above and allow the toy to dry before storing away. All of our fantasy masturbators are open ended to ensure the toy can be cleaned throughout the internal canals and allow for air flow. Avoid storing your toy away when it is still damp as this could lead to mould and/or a bad smell developing with the silicone.

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